Sikrings Service offers the following services :

 Consulting - Researching.  

We make an analysis of the present situation.  If fraud is suspected,  we investigate the situation,  unveil criminal or unwanted activity, alternatively come to the conclusion that there is no such activity taking place.

In case criminal activity is unveiled, we produce a written statement that can be included when the case is reported to the police. If suspicion of fraud require immediate action and substantial outside resources to reduce risk of  loss, as happens some time in bankruptcy situations, an experienced team is made available.

 Tactical Security Analysis (TSA).

TSA is an analytical tool,  to unveil and chart the actual level of protection, related to major risks in the analyzed business.  A report is issued,  which focuses on the most important issues.

Such a report contains valuable documentation and  functions as a management tool for both the management and the board of directors.

 Backgroundresearch - ”Due Diligence” 

Searching for and presenting accurate data on persons and companies is a valuable service, helping  business decisions.  Due Dilligence is specially important when evaluating recruits for employment, establishing new national and international business partnership, awarding credit, establishing guarantees, negotiating sales and purchasing agreements, etc.

 Training Programmes.

Company employees knowledge and awareness, is maybe the best protection against economic losses, due to criminal activity. Training of managers and other personell and establishing an environment of honesty and  integrity is of the greatest importance.  Sikrings Service offers special courses modified to suit the customers line of business. 

 24 hours action plan (TTP) – Emergency response plan (ERP)

Based on our international nettwork, we are able to offer 24 hours emergency response,  in the country where a problem arises. When transporting valuable goods or personell by air, sea or road, we can offer a program providing security for employees and goods.  Hostage taking and sabotage is an increasing international problem.  

In cooperation with leading security companies in Europe, we have established a nettwork to fight off such threats, - Emergency Responce Plan – ERP.

Ordering a valuable road trailer transport e.g. from Italy to Sweden, the security of the transport should be analyzed. All routines for such transports should be evaluated. 

 Additional Services:

  • Searching for persons, companies and objects, nationally and internationally.

  • Collect objects.

  • Produce register and photographs of inventory at bankruptcy companies, establishing proof of inventory. 

  • Search for hidden values.

  • Investigating and reporting economic criminal activity, national and international.

  • Checking against nternal or external fraud against companies..

  • Investigating possible money laundering

  • Crime prevention assessment with regards to alarm installations, video surveillance in-house procedures, watchmen, etc.

  • Further services like researching and reporting security matters.


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