Co Workers 
  • All since our company was established we have worked systematicly, getting connections with serious co-operators. Both domestic and worldwide, the complexety of our tasks is increasing. Because of this complexety, we regard serious and close co-operators as one of the major tools in our work. 
  • Mr Eide is a member and the secretary of the recognized society, FORUM. a society for security, criminal investigation and related subjects . Forum is a closed society requiring special qualifications from its members. To be a member of Forum means the person has recognized qualifications and an honored background. Forum is an acknowledged society by the Ministry of Justice and is a hearing body for new laws and regulations covering criminal investigation and security.
  • Sikrings Service is also member of ISIS, International Cooperation for Security and Investigation Service, which is an organization of selected organizations based on membership. ISIS has reperesentatives in every European country.

  • A third organization Sikrings Service is member of is WAD. This organization has members worldwide, and counts more than 700 members.

  • This wide range of partners and co-workers means that we can offer services worldwide

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